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Autism and ADHD

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I am experienced in and passionate about supporting autistic clients and clients with ADHD, particularly when facing these diagnoses as adults. Whether you are at the beginning of your explorations and curious about traits that you may identify with, participating in the screening process or managing the impact of a diagnosis and where to go from there, I am able to use my experience and training to support you.


I provide specialised supervision to counsellors who are working with autistic clients and / or clients with ADHD who feel as though they need additional support in these areas to do so effectively. In addition, I am passionate about supporting practitioners with ADHD and autistic practitioners in providing counselling to their clients throughout all stages of their career.

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Many counsellors and supervisors need additional knowledge to effectively and safely support autistic clients/supervisees and clients/supervisees with ADHD. I can provide one off consultancy appointments for counsellors, supervisors and any other health professionals who feel as though they need additional specialist support. If you feel as though this could benefit your practice, please get in touch to find out more.


Autism and ADHD: Services
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