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Counselling Appointments

Counselling appointments provide a professional, confidential and boundaried space for you to explore any emotional challenges in your life that you have found yourself facing.  

I offer short term or longer term counselling for adults and young people (16+). Appointments can be attended in person, via video call or telephone call according to your preference and/or accessibility needs. 

**Please note that due to the ongoing situation with Coronavirus I am currently unable to offer in person counselling appointments. I am able to provide online appointments as an alternative source of counselling support**

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Autistic Spectrum Counselling

I also offer a Specialist Service as an Autistic Spectrum Counsellor.  I am able to offer a flexible approach, offering therapeutic alternatives to young people and adults who may not be comfortable with the more 'traditional' therapeutic practices. I work in a calm, peaceful environment with soft lighting and flexible seating and am able to adapt the environment to meet any sensory needs.


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