My Services

Counselling Appointments

Counselling appointments provide a professional, confidential and boundaried space for you to explore any emotional challenges in your life that you have found yourself facing.  

I offer short term or longer term counselling for adults and young people (16+). Appointments can be attended in person, via video call or telephone call according to your preference and/or accessibility needs. 

**Please note that due to the ongoing situation with Coronavirus I am currently unable to offer in person counselling appointments. I am able to provide online appointments as an alternative source of counselling support**

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Online Appointments

Online Counselling appointments are an accessible and effective alternative to face to face, in person appointments.

Whether via video or voice call, online appointments are conducted in a secure, professional and private space.

Autistic Spectrum Counselling

I also offer a service of Autistic Spectrum Counselling for clients with diagnoses and/or self identified traits of autism.  I am able to offer a flexible approach, offering therapeutic alternatives to young people and adults who may not be comfortable with the more traditional therapeutic practices. When offering face to face appointments, I work in a calm, peaceful environment with soft lighting and flexible seating and am able to adapt the environment to meet most sensory needs.



Appointments last for 50 minutes and are usually weekly - this helps to ensure continuity. However, this is flexible and if appropriate we can discuss alternative options to best suit your needs, individual requirements and budget. 

Following your first appointment, we usually agree a frequency and book a set of appointments so that your preferred time is kept free for you.


Optional Introductory telephone consultation (up to 20 minutes) - free of charge

50 minute online video/telephone appointment - £40 payable via BACS